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What do the real experts (Pink Floyd fans) say about Floyd Factor?

- Have always had a passion for Pink Floyd Music and saw you band on Friday in Cobourg. Your reputation of greatness preceded you and you more than lived up to the highest of praises. I sat right near the front and the music truly touched my soul and I thank you for that experience---my plan is to tell every one I know about your band! - Joan

- Thanks again for getting to Hearst and giving us one of the greatest shows this little town has ever seen. I heard nothing but great things about the concert, everyboby really enjoyed themselves. I've got nothing but great things to say about Floyd Factor. Thanks again, hope to see you again soon. - Pierre

 -  Just as I thought the day couldn’t get better, the sun went down and out came Floyd Factor.  If you haven’t seen Floyd Factor they are hands down the best Pink Floyd cover band in existence. - Joanna (JK Studio Photography) 

- Wow, I am impressed....and usually not very easily. Just saw your concert at Showplace in Peterborough. I was skepitcal at first (this IS Peterborough, ya know) but came away a very happy 45 yr old Floyd Fan. All 3 guitarists were excellent. But Chloe's Great Gig in the Sky solo FLOORED ME! She nailed it! She's a keeper, guys! I just emailed all my friends and family to catch you guys if you're in their town. Thanks for the great night. A blast from the past! PS. My 16 yr old son is your newest fan! - Laurie

- You are fantastic. The best tribute to pink floyd that I have heard. - David

- You have to to see this band live, they are freakin great. Vocals, guitars, percussion, synth are right on the money. - Richard

- The very best renditions of floyd I've ever heard. convincing sonic and visual reproduction of the band everyone loves. Who dosen't like floyd?? Metalheads, rockers, country dudes, mom's and dad's, young , old, it don't matter. This music transcends genre. - TheDogpound

- The band was so great, it was like being in my parents basement back in the 70's again. You really really put on an excellent tribute to Pink Floyd, I was also amused how the guitarists knew all the tricks & that string Echoes thing he did, left me Comfortably Numb. I could feel the Signs of Life in the crowd, my brother in law was singing along & kept giving standing ovations & he's seen the Australian's & some American Floyd tribute bands. For your next show here you may need a bigger place to play as the word of your Floyd experience runs like hell to everyone getting connected by computers, because Floyd Factor really does Shine On Like Crazy Diamonds . Now I will be waiting till next year to hear The Great Gig in the Sky again. - Jamie

- Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the show in Peterborough couple of weeks ago. Seen the real boys since the Animal days to Waters last year. It was a great recreation, and your female singer was just amazing. -Colleen

- Hey guys! Just saw some of your performances on YouTube....Man, you guys are AMAZING! Great performance of Dark Side of The Moon! Definitley a great band and true Pink Floyd experts! Keep up the good work! Shine on, Corina

- Awesome! You guys are really good! Best floyd tribute I've seen so far! The thing I really like is how exact the solos and instrumentation are.....nice work. Mike G.

- I saw Pink Floyd with Roger Water and Australian Pink Foyd, and also Pink Floyd Experience and after having seen your video I was really surprised by how good your show is. Much better than Pink Floyd Experience. Cheers and I wish to see you in Quebec in 2008, Pierre L.

- Man, did you guys ever rock the house tonight!!!! It was worth the 3 hour drive from Sarnia. Hopefully you guys come back this year. - Craig

- I've seen one tribute band, australian pink floyd they were ok, but what ive seen on your profile you are really good, was well impressed! - Tammy, U.K.

- Out of the many Floyd cover bands that I've heard, you guys are simply the best. Take care and Shine On! The PF, Kentucky

- For my "Money", your's is a better sound and show than that Austrailian Pink Floyd band that I've heard Gilmour likes. - Dave

 -  Spot on at spot one. Roger Waters himself ain't as good.. see ya again! - Devin L. 

- Usually, I dont like tributes to pink floyd. But this stuff is great! Excellent guitar parts,excellet vocals. You're awesome. - Cymbaline

- Damn, these guys are good. Best tribute band I've heard, ever. - Devin R.

- I love what you're doing! Keep it up!!!! Sounded almost as if straight from the album! Keep it up!!! - Matthew

- Hey guys, Just watched the video of GGITS. Chloe is fabulous. (I even liked her better than the girls on tour in my Pulse DVD) We have tribute bands all over Kentucky but I will not go see them. I actually hate it when other people do Floyds music. But you guys are awesome, everything I have seen is great. If I am ever in Canada, I will come to see a show. - Denise

- You know, I consider myself a Pink Floyd fanatic, but listening to you guys play, I have my second thoughts now! I mean, to play these songs with the crispness and clarity, with impeccable timing, and played almost exactly note- for-note as on the records, I realize it takes not only a lot of time and practice, but also a real dedication, and love of the music. So kudos to you all! For doing what you love, and doing it very very well!! - Justin

- I dont think it gets better than this... damn guys.. keep up the good work! - Soptamer

- Great Floyd Factor show and great vibe at Spot 1. Thanks to everyone that came from as far as Sarnia, Scarborough, Hamilton, and all over. - Joe, Spot 1

- You guys are the best! Awsome work! - Coolycar

- People, I am so honored as last night came as close as I could to booking the real Pink Floyd. Being a die hard Floyd fan I have always been sceptical when hearing bands attempting to 'pull off' the music of the band that pulsates through my veins. Well, Floyd Factor proved to us all that Waters and Gilmour had a love child and it's name is FLOYD FACTOR. If you havent had the opportunity to see Pink Floyd yourself, which I must boast that I have 3 times in my lifetime, all you have to do is seek out Floyd Factors schedule at....and GET YOUR ASS TO A SHOW. You will not only NOT be disapointed, you'll bask in the experience you can only get from hearing their music live. - Devi Productions


- I must say, you guys truly are amazing, I just saw roger waters at the dome last week, and u guys sounds AMAZING, and about as close to the originals as I think I've EVER heard. I started playing some of the videos for my friend I played time, money, breathe and a few others) at one point I was like so what do you think of floyd factor, and honest to god, his response was "wait, I didnt just mistake these guys for floyd?" . You guys truly do put love into this music and it shows. Jon

- The videos are awesome! Very well done, and one of the best Floyd sites too. I'm still hoping to make the trip to Canada to see you guys. - Rob

- WOW!! WOAHHHH... YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT. I remember when I saw the australian floyd once, AMAZING
I was at PULSE and saw the real floyd - AMAZING, but you guys, wow, almost as good as the real guys :) Keep going! When's your next tour in the south east england????
- James

- If you're a huge Floyd fan like all of us over here at Rigby Fawkes, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out. Jordan

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