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Floyd Factor - The Gear

Below are equipment lists from the members of Floyd Factor:

Andre Filippetti:

2008 Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Relic Stratocaster
2005 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
2008 Fender Roadworn 50 Telecaster
1997 Fender Stratocaster JV Signature (modified)
1977 Hiwatt Custom 100
1978 Hiwatt 4*12 Cabinet (with Fane Crescendo Speakers)
1965 Binson Echorec 2 T7E
Hartman Electronics Flanger (non-deluxe Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress clone)
Throbak Electronics Overdrive Boost (Coloursound Power Boost clone)
Analog Man Sunface BC108 (Silicon Fuzzface clone)
Skreddy Lunar Module (Silicon Fuzz Face clone) 
Skreddy Pig Mine (Big Muff Rams Head clone)
MJM Sixties Vibe - (Uni Vibe clone)
BK Butler Tube Driver
Neo Instruments Ventilator (Leslie simulator)
BOSS RT-20 Rotary Ensemble (Yamaha RA200 simulator)
Road Rage 8 Channel True Bypass Looper and Switching
TC Electronics Nova Syatem
Line6 XDS Plus Digital Wireless System
Guard Coast Bullhorn
TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 (vocal effects)
Korg Microsampler, Monotribe and Roland DR110, for On the Run

Sam Boutzouvis 


Fender Stratocaster guitars (2);  Gibson J35 acoustic; Fender high strung acoustic; Fender Lap Steel


Hiwatt Custom 100 Head 2 Marshall 4x10 cabinets


2 pedal boards with Fuzz Faces, Big Muff, Compressor, 2 Overdrives, Phase 90, Univibe, Flanger, Strymon Timeline Delay, Strymon Lex Leslie Simulator, Clean Boost, 2 Volume pedals, Wah with seagull effect switch.

Chris Hume:

2010 Fender Precision (custom)
2006 Anniversary Edition Fender Precision
1972 Rickenbacher 4001
Modified 2001 Fender Precision
2) 1974 Ampeg SVT 350w head
2) 1974 Ampeg SVT cabinet
Digitech VX300

Dylan Bell:

Nord Electro 2
Custom expression pedals
Some type of magic software to emulate the smorasbord of Rick Wright keyboard sounds  

Frank Peluso:

Uses SONOR Drums, Roland Electronics, PAISTE Cymbals, and Remo skins.

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