Welcome to the virtual home of Floyd Factor, Canada's most authentic and passionate tribute to Pink Floyd. Incredible accuracy, richly layered vocal harmonies, and intense instrumental performances make this a must see & hear experience "for Pink Floyd fans, by Pink Floyd fans."

The Floyd Factor Principle

Floyd Factor exists to reproduce the very best material of rock's most transcendent band - Pink Floyd - recreated where it was meant to be heard, live in concert. Developing since 2006, Floyd Factor is a live time capsule in sound & vision. The band's show is a living bootleg, a channeling of the precision, passion, and the sheer power of Pink Floyd's most legendary music. Using authentic vintage-era equipment, the sound of Pink Floyd is deftly recreated in amazing note-for-note detail. The band's sound has been referred to as "uncompromisingly Floyd". What makes this close-knit group really special is their chemistry, that can make the air crackle with anticipation, then joy, as you see and hear the sparks of Pink Floyd's history-making genius coming back to life, in a way that you might not have in a very long time...      

 This Toronto, Canada based band's live shows have become celebrations of Pink Floyd's message and music, that resonate with classic rock fans everywhere they've travelled. The band has thrilled audiences of up to 10,000 in Canada and the U.S., and ranks among the finest tributes in their field. The players' love of Pink Floyd's material shows in every performance, and the reaction they get from audiences who love it too, is extraordinary. 

The scale-able Floyd Factor production can include spectacular lasers, or live-mixed, psychedelic digital video projections, featuring authentic PF tour visuals that take your eyes on a trip through the music in your ears. But the real attraction is the music, and the players... 


 Floyd Factor features not one but two brilliant, veteran guitarists (Andre Filippetti and Sam Boutzouvis), ensuring that all of David Gilmour's recorded parts are present and accounted for, as well as a Juno nominated keyboardist (Dylan Bell), a veteran rhythm section, and six gifted vocalists. Floyd Factor's lead singers each bring an amazing replication of the different voices featured in Pink Floyd's material. Included are the showstopping vocals of Ms. Chloe Watkinson, whose rendition of Great Gig In The Sky is a highlight in every show. Check out the BIO's page for more on the members, or the FAN-SPEAK page for what Floyd fans themselves have to say about Floyd Factor's live show.

Floyd Factor's sets span the breadth of Pink Floyd's album classics, including Meddle, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and of course the complete Dark Side of the Moon. From Syd Barrett material to the Final Cut, this is a tribute to the brilliance of Pink Floyd at their creative peak.

Please visit the links at left for live videos/audio/photos, and check the Live Dates page to find out where you can experience Floyd Factor in your area. Or contact your local venue and tell them you want the real Macoy. It's the closest you can come to hearing Pink Floyd live again, with years of detail refinement put into the sound production. Take an amazing trip through time, on a mind-blowing journey into the very essence of Pink Floyd.

For booking information worldwide please see the Contact Us page.

Thanks to all the Pink Floyd fans in all the audiences, who have supported Floyd Factor over the years. We love you, and keep on shining you crazy diamonds!